About shirazct

Growing up, surrounded by the sights and smells of new and old Iran, it didn’t take long before we found ourselves interested in our history and culture and wanting to share it with others. Meeting so many travelers confused with different questions and unsatisfied with the quality of tours to Iran, encouraged us to start ttshirazct.com under licence No. 1746/62/872(Issued by Iranian Tours and Travel Organization) as part of Marcopolo Holding . A wiki travel website which provides tourists with up to date information, tours and almost every service (i.e visa, ticket reservation, tailor made packages, etc.) a traveler might need before and while traveling to Iran.

Our Mission

Introducing the beauty of Iran and encouraging people to visit, while supporting them all the way through the journey.

Who We Are

A couple of travel experts recommended by Lonely Planet who love traveling and travelers. In this regard, we founded “Trip to Persia”, a private tourism agency, located in Shiraz, Iran.

What We Value

Offering high quality tours and feeling responsible for our clients.

What We Do

Along with organizing different historical and eco tours in Iran, we provide travelers with information and services they might need while traveling to Iran.

How you can join us

Tell us about your experience in Iran, write a review, subscribe in our newsletter or simply contact us!